Sunday, January 25, 2015

Queerspeak Dictionary [just getting started - work in progress]

Agency: Magical word that shuts down any analysis of the context of men's actions and women's choices.

Erasure: Failure to include male people in every discussion in the exact way they wish to be included.

Intersectionality: Originally, a theory constructed by Kimberle Crenshaw illuminating the intersecting oppressions faced by women of color. Currently, the theory that for anything to matter, it must intersect (beneficially) with penis.

Ladystick: A special kind of penis, which all lesbians are morally obligated to service.

Man: Nothing to do with biology, is instead a constantly contracting identity, which ejects anything that threatens its dominance. Must never be critized for the violence with which it maintains that dominance - must always be placated.

Misgendering: Failure to use pronouns that comply with an individual's current self-perception. Effects are context-specific: when done to someone born with a penis, is worse than murder; when done to a butch lesbian, doesn't matter at all.

Oppression: When anyone says "no" for any reason to anyone who was born with a penis.

Privilege: Something uppity women who should STFU have.

Problematic: Might hurt a male person's feelings.

Sex positive: 1. Dick positive and/or 2. Porn positive.

SWERF: A person who does not prioritize male orgasms.

TERF: A person who does not prioritize male feelings.

Transgender woman: Beta male of the men's rights movement who loves his dicks and hates women, who has decided to co-opt the suffering of transsexual males for political cover in order to infiltrate and dominate women's spaces.

Transphobia: The act of disagreeing with a transgender woman (see above).

Truscum: Actual transsexual person who accepts biological reality, respects feminism, and rejects the pornsick misogynists taking over trans spaces.

Violence: The act of causing unhappiness in a male person.

Whorephobia: Not, as the term might imply, an irrational fear of prostituted women, but a thoughtcrime committed by women who think men are not entitled to hatefuck destitute women for a small fee.

Woman: Nothing to do with biology, is instead a pink glittery essence that is half cum-gobbling porn star, half pampered princess. The combination of pornsickness and misogynist fantasy of woman as dependent child leads to a disturbing aura of pedophilia. Examples here

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