Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two takes on the problem of violence against transwomen

Leftist man: This is the fault of TERFs. They create a transphobic environment.

Feminist: Transwomen aren't killed by some evil force in the environment called "transphobia," which is somehow created by women knowing penis is male. Transwomen are killed by men. And a feminist analysis of gender explains why.

Leftist man: That's real cute, the little lady thinks she can analyze things. No, sweetie, gender is the sex of your brain. You for instance have a ladybrain. You know nothing. Let the men talk.

Feminist: Brains don't have a sex. Brains are not organs of reproduction. Gender is a social system of compulsory masculinity for men, compulsory femininity for women, and compulsory heterosexuality for both. One of the ways gender is enforced is that gender-conforming males police the masculinity of other males. They punish feminine males because feminine males undermine the idea that masculinity is innate and thus male violence is inevitable and can always prop up male supremacy. Without gender, men would have neither justification nor excuse for their violence against anyone.

Leftist man: I can't believe you think there is some "social system" propping up male supremacy, you nutcase extremist. Clearly men are just naturally superior and here I am, being all nice and pretending like women are people and not just defective penis-less men who are only good for supplying us with their sexual and emotional labor, and you're giving me lip? Listen, bitch, if women would just accept that penis is female if the penis-haver says so, transwomen would be safe.

Feminist: The homophobic men who kill transwomen don't care what I say. If you want transwomen to be safe, you have to give up the myth of innate masculinity and make other men do the same.

Leftist man: TERF! Get her! She's a TERF!

~End Scene~

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