Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trans men

[Relocated from thenewbacklash]

Which female people are not considered "cis women" by the male supremacists running this backlash?

Those female people whose lack of femininity means they serve no use value to men, often but not always butch lesbians, now being pressured to identify as transmen. Read more:

-This soft space
-CrashChaosCats: Socialized Trans
-Butch Lesbian Radical Feminist and Former FtM Heath Atom Russell on Gender
-There is no pressure to transition... There is no pressure to transition...
-23xx on tumblr
-Redress Alert
-Maria Katt
-Staring Back

Here's how I feel about this phenomenon:

Butch lesbians - and all other "masculine" women - are perfect just the way they are, and men can't have them, they are ours.

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