Friday, September 16, 2016

I am so sick of Lefty dudes.

On Twitter today there's yet another Lefty dude mansplaining to a woman about how she is a bigot for objecting to laws allowing any self-labeled transwoman to have access to private spaces set aside for female people. He keeps telling her that *heterosexual males* are the ones of whom to be afraid, blissfully unaware that the vast majority of people calling themselves transwomen 1) have and like their penises, 2) desire to put those penises into vaginas, and 3) consider the putting of their penises into vaginas a human rights issue.

He is of course, also claiming that no transwoman has ever been a threat to women.

He is, of course, also lumping this woman in with religious conservatives. Because we are only allowed two choices, you see. We can either go with the Right and accept that all men must be masculine and all women must be feminine, or we can go with the Left and accept that all masculine people must be men and all feminine people must be women. It's not like we could 1) recognize that "masculine" is code for "dominant," "feminine" is code for "submissive," and the masculine/feminine paradigm is about males oppressing females; and then 2) ditch the sexing of personality traits and just let everybody be themselves, women and men with diverse personalities, in a society that is not obsessed with eroticizing dominance and submission.

We could never do those things, because then men like him would lose their entitlement to lecture women on our supposed moral failings while they themselves 1) spout ignorance, 2) ignore facts and 3) continue both benefiting from and enforcing the very male supremacy to which we are objecting.

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