Friday, December 15, 2017

Owen Jones in a nutshell

"Look, I may be a whiny, baby-faced gay man, but thanks to transgender identity politics, by simple virtue of not identifying as a 'she,' I'm finally recognized by other men as a REAL oops I mean CIS MAN."

"Then here come these meanie feminists saying ANY adult human male is a real man!"

"Men don't like that! They like to think they were born with manbrains, so their dominance over women is only natural! And if you just let them think that, they'll be happy and let me bro out with them! Whereas if you question the innateness of dominance to maleness, that'll make them mad! Then they won't bro out with me! They'll want to kick ME out of the man box!!"

"History is sure gonna be upset with you feminists for beings so mean to me!"

*Falls down and beats floor with fists*

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