Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trans men

[Relocated from thenewbacklash]

Which female people are not considered "cis women" by the male supremacists running this backlash?

Those female people whose lack of femininity means they serve no use value to men, often but not always butch lesbians, now being pressured to identify as transmen. Read more:

-This soft space
-CrashChaosCats: Socialized Trans
-Butch Lesbian Radical Feminist and Former FtM Heath Atom Russell on Gender
-There is no pressure to transition... There is no pressure to transition...
-23xx on tumblr
-Redress Alert
-Maria Katt
-Staring Back

Here's how I feel about this phenomenon:

Butch lesbians - and all other "masculine" women - are perfect just the way they are, and men can't have them, they are ours.

Monday, April 20, 2015

To men who call themselves "cis"

Congratulations, you are using a word whose meaning you do not understand in order to make yourself look cool, signaling to the people who do know what it means how ignorant and arrogant you are. Just like an Ugly American with a bad Chinese character tattoo, no matter how loudly you proclaim "No, it means this!" - you just look foolish.

"But," you protest, "cis just means I'm not a transsexual!" Nice try, chump. You don't get a word that distinguishes the 99+% of male people who love their penises from [that tiny percentage of male people who experience sex dysmorphia and undergo SRS] in order to clarify your Real Man status.

Trans does not mean transsexual, it means transgender. Thus, "cis" does not mean "cis-sexual." It means "cis-gender." [See thenewbacklash for clarification of terms.]

When you call yourself "cis" you claim an innate identification with masculinity. To anyone who has an actual analysis of masculinity, this means you identify with: war, rape, domestic violence, animal abuse, greed, homophobia. You identify with the unearned privilege bestowed upon you for being born with a penis. You identify with the entitlement to extract labor from women and anyone else you can subdue by any means necessary. When you call yourself "cis" you are flashing a great big neon "I'm an asshole" sign at anyone who knows the first thing about a feminist analysis of gender.

When you call yourself a "cis man," you think you look like this:

When in reality you look like this:

Congratulations on your self-identification.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Transing kids

[Relocated from thenewbacklash]

Gender non-conforming youth - perhaps but not necessarily homosexual - are now being referred for medical treatment. This is the new conversion therapy.


Selections from the website Transgender Reality:
-How Quickly It Happens
-From “Not Sure” To Sneaking Hormones Behind Parents’ Backs in a Week
-Another teen goes from “I’m happy in my male body” to “I am truly a girl” in a few days.
New blog from parents of children who want to transition: 4th Wave Now
Professor Sheila Jeffreys on "The transgendering of children: Gender eugenics"
Attorney Elizabeth Hungerford collects studies and reports on "transgender children."
Blogger Gallus Mag has written extensively on the transing of children.
Louis Theroux documentary on "Transgender Kids"

Some basic Google searching shows how common this is becoming:

-How in the hell is a first grader transgender?
-Seven year old "Transgender boy walks with pride"
-'Sometimes people forget I'm a boy'. Watch this 8-year-old talk about being transgender
-Number of under 10s referred to the NHS for help with transgender feelings has more than quadrupled – with kids as young as 3 receiving treatment
-Children of 12 to be allowed gender drugs to prepare for sex change
-This headline should read "Transgender kids: painful quest to be who they AREN'T"
-It is not "gender neutral parenting" to tell your male child he's a girl or your female child she's a boy
-They Looked Beautiful, They Looked Normal
-Children’s Medical Center in Dallas has unveiled the first pediatric transgender program in the Southwest

Can we talk about the "but my childhood was so miserable" stories, like this gem from Jezebel (my pet name: Jizzabel) ranting about how Janet Mock was never a boy (derp)?

"How are my lived experiences those of a boy? They are not. Boys do not cry themselves to sleep wishing they were female assigned at birth. Boys do not internalise messages about and directed at girls and women as part of female socialisation. Boys do not have parents who recognise their gender as "girl" at a young age."

Three things:

1) I cried myself to sleep many, many nights as a girl who didn't want to be female in a violently sexist world. I hid my period for a year and bound my chest with ace bandages not because I was "trans" but because being a woman means you are both a second class citizen and public f*ing property. And when women are allowed to talk about girlhood, it becomes apparent this experience was far from rare.

2) Consider the common experience of black children telling their parents they don't want to be black, they want to be white instead. Nobody says "OMG THEY MUST REALLY BE WHITE ON THE INSIDE QUICK SCHEDULE THEIR SKIN BLEACHING AND HAIR STRAIGHTENING." No, instead we talk about racism, and internalized racism, and protecting kids, and self-acceptance. 

3) A boy who doesn't live up to masculine stereotypes is not "really a girl" anymore than a girl who is a "tomboy" is "really a boy." Can we please get over this and just let kids be kids who grow organically into the only bodies they will ever have?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Translating Penis Rights Doublespeak, for your convenience


Shut Down the Fundraiser for a Women's Music Festival!
Portland Anti-Feminist Action Team

Portland's most militant Beta Male Liberation groups protest and pledge an end to upcoming feminist, anti-male, female "rights" rally sponsored by Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, a known female-only event. 


A male person's right to make everyone else call his penis female is just as important and just as reasonable as a female person's right to say no to sex.


If men aren't allowed to treat women as subhuman for having female reproductive systems, then women aren't allowed to even notice that a male person is male, much less that male people are their oppressors. [See also: claims of reverse racism]


Males are only as much of a threat to women as lesbians are. Also, male violence is just as wacky and rare as motorbike accidents on wheelchair ramps.


Let's continually call any feminists who won't indulge/prioritize men's sexual entitlement racist, and just hope it sticks.

Friday, April 10, 2015

20 Questions for Catherine Mackinnon

All of these are real and serious questions. See http://thenewbacklash.blogspot.com/ for screencaps and links to examples for all points.


1. Do you think sexism (oppression based on sex - meaning reproductive capacity) exists?

2. Do you think it is OK to have the word "female" for ova producers and the word "male" for sperm producers?

3. If we cannot have any words for male and female humans, could you please advise how we should discuss sexism?


4. Do you believe female people and male people are socialized differently?

5. Do you believe female people are privileged by the social treatment of our female bodies?


6. Do you believe in brainsex - that female people have brains that cause us to behave in a feminine manner, and male people have brains that cause them to behave in a masculine manner?

7. Do you think that [sexually mature people with fully functioning penises] who [like those penises and enjoy using them sexually] and [have no intention of ever having those penises removed] should be able to a) claim to "feel like women," and thus b) claim the label "transwomen" via ladybrain?

8. Do you think if a person with a fully functioning penis "feels like a woman," that makes his penis female?

9. Do you think if feminists told violent men that a penis can be female if it is attached to someone who "identifies as" female, violent men would stop killing transwomen?


10. Do you think porn and prostitution empower women?

11. Are you aware of the anti-feminist propaganda term SWERF & its close relationship to the anti-feminist propaganda term TERF?

12. Do you think it is acceptable "activism" to wish violence and death on women who don't think porn and prostitution empower women, or who know penis is male?


13. Do you think discussion of medical, political and social problems facing only those people living in female bodies is bigotry?

14. Do you think female-only spaces are bigoted?


15. What do you think of requiring female people in domestic violence shelters to room with be-penised people and/or accept be-penised people as their counselors?

16. What do you think of granting male people who commit horrific acts of violence against female people legal change of sex and name?

17. Do you think lesbians are bigots for not having sex with people who have penises?

18. Do you think male people belong in female sports?


19. Do you think boys who like wearing dresses should be put on puberty-blocking drugs and addressed as girls?

20. Do you think young butch lesbians should be steered towards mastectomies and testosterone?