Sunday, January 25, 2015

Queerspeak Dictionary [just getting started - work in progress]

Agency: Magical word that shuts down any analysis of the context of men's actions and women's choices.

Erasure: Failure to include male people in every discussion in the exact way they wish to be included.

Intersectionality: Originally, a theory constructed by Kimberle Crenshaw illuminating the intersecting oppressions faced by women of color. Currently, the theory that for anything to matter, it must intersect (beneficially) with penis.

Ladystick: A special kind of penis, which all lesbians are morally obligated to service.

Man: Nothing to do with biology, is instead a constantly contracting identity, which ejects anything that threatens its dominance. Must never be critized for the violence with which it maintains that dominance - must always be placated.

Misgendering: Failure to use pronouns that comply with an individual's current self-perception. Effects are context-specific: when done to someone born with a penis, is worse than murder; when done to a butch lesbian, doesn't matter at all.

Oppression: When anyone says "no" for any reason to anyone who was born with a penis.

Privilege: Something uppity women who should STFU have.

Problematic: Might hurt a male person's feelings.

Sex positive: 1. Dick positive and/or 2. Porn positive.

SWERF: A person who does not prioritize male orgasms.

TERF: A person who does not prioritize male feelings.

Transgender woman: Beta male of the men's rights movement who loves his dicks and hates women, who has decided to co-opt the suffering of transsexual males for political cover in order to infiltrate and dominate women's spaces.

Transphobia: The act of disagreeing with a transgender woman (see above).

Truscum: Actual transsexual person who accepts biological reality, respects feminism, and rejects the pornsick misogynists taking over trans spaces.

Violence: The act of causing unhappiness in a male person.

Whorephobia: Not, as the term might imply, an irrational fear of prostituted women, but a thoughtcrime committed by women who think men are not entitled to hatefuck destitute women for a small fee.

Woman: Nothing to do with biology, is instead a pink glittery essence that is half cum-gobbling porn star, half pampered princess. The combination of pornsickness and misogynist fantasy of woman as dependent child leads to a disturbing aura of pedophilia. Examples here

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ask yourself: Is this really feminism?

Everyone and their pornsick uncle claims to be a feminist these days. However, many people claiming to be feminists are merely woman-haters in disguise, who spend a good deal of their time engaging in brazen reversals (an old trick of patriarchy) - such as denouncing actual feminists as fake or bad or evil (see: TERF and/or SWERF.)

So whenever you are reading an article by someone who claims to be a feminist, I suggest asking yourself if it rests on any of these 10 anti-feminist premises:

1. Ova-producing people are not entitled to a name for ourselves.

Feminism is the fight for women's liberation. Women are female humans, and we are oppressed because men wish to control our female bodies. How do you liberate a group if you cannot name that group nor describe the root of their oppression? More discussion here - I'm not retreading this absurd, infuriating ground.

2. If we dare name the biological processes specific to ova-producing people, ova-producing people are somehow necessarily reduced to and enslaved by those processes.

Also known as the "acknowledging the biological category of women is determinist/essentialist" fallacy. Whether you let us name our physical reality or not, it still exists. And guess what, there's nothing shameful about it. Women as a biological class have the ability to make other humans. Men don't. Get over it.

3. There is any such thing as ladybrain.

This is TRANSPARENTLY sexist pseudoscience meant to reinforce the naturalization of male dominance. Fuck off with it.

4. Ova-producing people must never exclude sperm-producing people.

I mean, seriously? I know it's scary - allowing women to talk to each other with no male overseer is the first step towards women figuring out how to live without constantly seeking male approval - but once again, you're gonna have to get over it. Because: Numbers 5 and 6.

5. Sperm-producing people are entitled to emotional caretaking by ova-producing people.

Nope. We are not the mommies of the entire world. Grow up.

6. Sperm-producing people need and are entitled to orgasms facilitated by ova-producing people. Corollary: "real/good" feminists not only refuse to name the penis as the locus of male privilege, they are absolutely *gagging* to facilitate penile orgasm.

Nope. Men will not die if left on their own to masturbate. And feminism is not #fuckabilitypolitics. Once again, grow up.

7. If ova-producing people do not comply with the desires of sperm-producing people, sperm-producing people are bound to respond with violence, for which the non-compliant ova-producing people are responsible.

Also known as the "porn/prostitution save lives" crowd. Also known as the "men only attack transwomen because women say penis is male" crowd. Also known as Elliot Rodger.

Men are capable of growing up and acting like decent human beings. And men are responsible for their own actions. Stop blaming us uppity women for shit men do.

8. The choices of ova-producing people are free and unconstrained by intimate lifelong oppressive socialization and the ever-present threat of (physical, economic & psychic) violence.

After a lifetime of being groomed to worship and fear cock, women then have the "agency" to objectify themselves for money? Fuck all the way off.

9. Ova-producing people who conform to the feminine gender role -A ROLE OF SUBSERVIENCE- must be doing so out of an innate identification with subservience. And to do so is a privilege.
As above: sexist socialization - it's a thing. You might perceive that if you pulled your head out of your ass.

And fuck your "cis privilege" nonsense wankery. Womanhood is not the retreat to blissful childlike dependence males imagine it to be. (Did I mention: GROW UP.)

10. Oppression of ova-producing humans doesn't really count, unless that oppression can be shared by sperm-producing humans.

AKA the common perversion of the solid and necessary theory of intersectionality to mean all oppressions must intersect with penis. Leads to the "white women (meaning-though-hardly-ever-bothering-to-state: straight, financially stable, healthy white women) are the real enemies" gambit.

Sexism - WHICH IS BASED ON SEX, THE CLUE IS IN THE NAME - is an axis of oppression. Either wrap your mind around that, or stop calling yourself a feminist.

Sexist oppression is not erased by any other axis of privilege, anymore than racism, classism, homophobia, ageism or ableism are. (Is the racist vitriol daily hurled at President Obama excusable because he commands the world's largest army and has a private jet at his disposal?)

As Catherine MacKinnon explains, the woman who does not share any axis of oppression with a man is no more definitive of the class "woman" than any other woman - but the way said women are imagined is "a particularly sensitive indicator of the degree to which women, as such, are despised."

Check your "feminist" articles accordingly.