Friday, April 10, 2015

20 Questions for Catherine Mackinnon

All of these are real and serious questions. See for screencaps and links to examples for all points.


1. Do you think sexism (oppression based on sex - meaning reproductive capacity) exists?

2. Do you think it is OK to have the word "female" for ova producers and the word "male" for sperm producers?

3. If we cannot have any words for male and female humans, could you please advise how we should discuss sexism?


4. Do you believe female people and male people are socialized differently?

5. Do you believe female people are privileged by the social treatment of our female bodies?


6. Do you believe in brainsex - that female people have brains that cause us to behave in a feminine manner, and male people have brains that cause them to behave in a masculine manner?

7. Do you think that [sexually mature people with fully functioning penises] who [like those penises and enjoy using them sexually] and [have no intention of ever having those penises removed] should be able to a) claim to "feel like women," and thus b) claim the label "transwomen" via ladybrain?

8. Do you think if a person with a fully functioning penis "feels like a woman," that makes his penis female?

9. Do you think if feminists told violent men that a penis can be female if it is attached to someone who "identifies as" female, violent men would stop killing transwomen?


10. Do you think porn and prostitution empower women?

11. Are you aware of the anti-feminist propaganda term SWERF & its close relationship to the anti-feminist propaganda term TERF?

12. Do you think it is acceptable "activism" to wish violence and death on women who don't think porn and prostitution empower women, or who know penis is male?


13. Do you think discussion of medical, political and social problems facing only those people living in female bodies is bigotry?

14. Do you think female-only spaces are bigoted?


15. What do you think of requiring female people in domestic violence shelters to room with be-penised people and/or accept be-penised people as their counselors?

16. What do you think of granting male people who commit horrific acts of violence against female people legal change of sex and name?

17. Do you think lesbians are bigots for not having sex with people who have penises?

18. Do you think male people belong in female sports?


19. Do you think boys who like wearing dresses should be put on puberty-blocking drugs and addressed as girls?

20. Do you think young butch lesbians should be steered towards mastectomies and testosterone?

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