Sunday, March 12, 2017

Your Male Privilege Is Showing

Feminist: Male and female humans are socialized differently. Male socialization results in male privilege.

Transwoman: Untrue! I was bullied as a child for not being masculine! My girlhood was stolen from me!

Feminist: First of all, girls are bullied if they are not feminine enough, and also bullied if they are feminine enough, because femininity is all about subjugation. Female socialization is the process of grooming girls for the subordinate sex class “woman.” Your fantasy that being female would have saved you from being bullied is just that, a fantasy. 

Secondly, being bullied for a lack of masculinity is an experience of boyhood. Male socialization is the process of grooming boys for the dominant sex class “man.” Part of that socialization is the idea that all males are naturally dominant, so there must be something wrong with boys who are not dominant. This is a lie. There is nothing wrong with boys who are not dominant – which is to say, not masculine. It's the bullies who are wrong.

Thirdly, that bullying, as awful as it is, does not erase male privilege. This is illustrated very clearly by the behavior of transwomen who:

1)  Rather than build their own movement, expect women to center them in feminism;
2)  Do not read any feminist texts before mansplaining gender -- in fact redefining the word entirely -- to feminists.
3)  Overwrite the misery of feminine socialization with their own fantasy of easy girlhood;
4)  Demand women give up any language to describe our female biology;
5)  Demand lesbians have sex with a be-penised individual if that individual thinks his penis is female;
6)  Demand women budge over and make room every time men want to exclude a male person from manhood;
7)  Express violently misogynistic sentiments whenever these demands are denied;
8)  And are still treated as the most oppressed people ever by the mainstream Left.

Transwoman: She's a TERF! Go after her job!

~End Scene~

"Trans-inclusive" feminism, a vignette

Sunday, May 15, 2016

9 out of 10 conversations with Lefty dupes about bathroom bills

LD: Look at this picture of a transitioned, passing transman. You're gonna make this person who totally looks like a dude use the women's room. That's going to frighten women! That's wrong!*
Me: So it's wrong for someone who looks like a dude to use the women's room?
LD: Of course!
Me: Here are photographs of ten transwomen who are obviously male. Some have taken no steps to transition and even still wear beards. Some are convicted criminals. Do they belong in the women's room?

LD: Those aren't really transwomen.
Me: A transwoman is any male who simply claims to "feel like a woman." Here is a chart of gender identity laws and a page full of social media screencaps that back up this definition.
LD: No man is going to fake being trans just to enter the women's room.
LD: Well those aren't real transwomen, they're just men faking it to get into women's restrooms.
Me: You just said that never happens.
LD: Fumes. Look, we can't force transwomen to share bathrooms with men, men are dangerous!
Me: I agree men are dangerous, which is why we need to write gender identity laws that make sure they are not allowed free entry into female spaces.
LD: God, why are you so paranoid about sharing a bathroom with men?
Me: You just said men are dangerous.

~*End scene: It is bigoted to name male violence as the problem.*~

*Nobody is actually checking genitals, which means transpeople who pass aren't effected. Also, someone who has transitioned but doesn't pass can still acquire opposite-sex designation on their official documents. Either way, actual transpeople can continue using their preferred restroom.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Your meme is stupid, and it makes you look stupid.

So many clueless Leftists are posting this meme in the wake of House Bill 2 in North Carolina:

1) This fully transitioned, passing transman would have no problem using the men's room. Nobody is actually "checking genitals."

2) If you think it's wrong for someone who looks like a man to use the women's room, why in the world would you support overly broad gender identity laws, which allow any male who claims to "feel like a woman" to enter female spaces?

Do you think these dudes belong in the women's room? 


Here's another popular and very stupid meme related to HB2:

Cute, right? Nothing cuter than making light of sexual crimes against children! 

Laverne Cox is not a child predator, but you know who is? Synthia China Blast, for whom Laverne Cox launched a media support campaign.

Blast was a gang member convicted of the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of 13 year old Ebony Nicole Williams. In prison, he splits his time between petitioning for state-funded SRS and maintaining a romantic relationship with the copycat Zodiac killer, Eddie Seda.

Want more examples of transwomen who have committed crimes against women and children? There are ~150 incidents linked from Allison's Law, and many more from TransCrimeUK. Please stop saying this never happens, it makes you look foolish at best, and callously dishonest at worst.

OF COURSE NOT ALL TRANSWOMEN ARE CRIMINALS. Some of the best male people I know are transwomen.





If males are not dangerous, why do we have sex-segregated bathrooms in the first place? And what the Hell do you think actual transwomen are afraid of in the men's room? Evil urinals? No, it's males. If their fears are valid, why piss on the fears of female people??

Most women, including myself, support laws that allow transwomen access to female spaces with 1) documentation of meaningful transition and 2) improper purpose clauses.

This is a more than reasonable compromise.

The only people who have reason to object to this compromise are males who want to access female spaces with no documentation of transition in order to engage in criminal activity. Please stop gaslighting women who want protection from those males.

*Editing to add: if your objections to HB2 are the clauses separate from bathroom access, for goodness' sake wake up and stop allowing all Leftist causes to be chained to the concrete block of overly broad gender identity laws. Thanks.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Every man on Earth owes his life to a woman

Every man on Earth owes his life to a woman.

This is a very simple, undeniable fact.

No man would exist if a woman did not do the difficult, dangerous work of incubating him inside her female body.

It doesn't matter if you think your mother was a bad mother. It doesn't matter if she left you on a stranger's doorstep. You would not exist if she did not physically make you.

Ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding - all part of the biological work women do to continue human life - including yours. Stop acting like they are a sign of weakness or subhumanity. You would not exist without those female biological functions you find so unspeakably gross.

I'm not arguing for matriarchy nor the worship of a mother goddess. I'm simply arguing for recognizing and accepting the fact that every man on Earth owes his life to a woman.

You don't have to "bow down" to women/mothers. Just be mature and honest and grateful enough for the reproductive work that led to your very existence that you won't 1) impose that work on unwilling women; 2) punish that work; 3) denigrate that work; or 4) erase that work.

Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A conversation between MRAs

MRA1: The most oppressed people on Earth are men like us who are not getting all the male privilege to which our dicks should entitle us.

MRA2: Hear hear! Women don't pay me the attention they owe me. So how do we get them to center us in everything they do?

MRA1: Hear me out. We use transsexuals.

MRA2: Wait, what?

MRA1: We start out simple: "Transwomen are women, period." This makes an opening in the category "woman."

MRA2: Wait, you mean, chicks with dicks?

MRA1: Yeah man, but nevermind porn for a second OK? We say they're just chicks, period. This will be the easy part. Nobody wants to accept that some males are very feminine, nobody even wants to think about SRS. *shivers*

MRA2: Geez, bro.

MRA1: Right? They'll want to hand-wave it all away, like yes, sure, transwomen are women, they're weirdos but I'm liberal and super-tolerant of weirdos like women who think they're just as human as men, black people who think they're just as human as white people, and gay people who think gay sex is normal. *snicker*

MRA2: I don't mind some girl on g-

MRA1: I said nevermind porn for a second! God.

MRA2: Sorry.

MRA1: My point is, they'll just want to shove transwomen into their "approved weirdo box" so they can point to it and feel extra cool!

MRA2: Pfft. Libtards.

MRA1: I know right? Anyway, then we get to the harder part, where we re-define "transwoman."

MRA2: What do you mean?

MRA1: We say that what makes a dude a transwoman is a special feeling inside. A woman feeling.

MRA2: But won't the feminazis protest that there is no "woman feeling"?

MRA1: Yeah, even though we all know women are like delicate little children inside, while men have to be the adults and do all the work and fighting.

MRA2: I know, they have it so easy.

MRA1: Yeah, but we're not allowed to say all that out loud, so instead we just leverage how gross female biology is!

MRA2: OMG periods are so gross.

MRA1: Don't even get me started on breastfeeding.

MRA2: So gross! Boobs are to make my penis happy, not to feed babies!

MRA1: Anyway. We say that to define women as human females is to reduce them to their female parts, which everybody knows are gross.

MRA2: Isn't that like saying the phrase "black people" reduces people to their epidermises?

MRA1: Exactly! And we all know we're supposed to be colorblind, right? We're supposed to pretend black people are human even though they aren't white! We're supposed to pretend women are human even though they aren't male! Liberals want us to politely pretend, well quid pro quo, they should be willing to pretend penises are female!

MRA2: What? No. No way, man! Won't actual transsexuals protest this? I mean, they want SRS, right? Not just to call their penises female?

MRA1: Don't worry about that, nobody wants to listen to a tranny, they'll just want to use trannies as disgust tolerance merit badges!

MRA2: Oh, right. Genius.

MRA1: So, we go for: Anybody with a dick who claims special lady feelings is a transwoman. No dysmorphia required, no transition required. We can claim to be transwomen, but still keep our dicks. If we push it far enough we can even keep our neckbeards.

MRA2: Whoa.

MRA1: I know, right? Feminism is about women. Only women belong in women's spaces. But transwomen are women. And any dude is a transwoman if he says so. So any dude can claim the right to women's attention and care just by claiming special lady feelings!

MRA2: This can't work. Even liberals aren't that dumb.

MRA1: We'll see.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The psychological underpinnings of liberal support for transgender identity politics

It really is this simple:

  • If you aren't disgusted by transwomen, you won't have to lie to yourself about them.
  • If you don't hate women, you won't erase femaleness or feminism.
  • And if you aren't terrified of men, you'll hold them responsible for the violence they commit.

Disgust, hatred and fear. Every emotion you project onto TERFs.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gender charts and graphics

I am no graphic designer, but I often try to get my ideas across visually, whether in charts or graphics. I have gathered most of them here for easy access.

Gender crit cheat sheet, also available as one page PDF:

Clarifying gender:

Another chart:

And related graphics:

A couple more charts, re. gender & race. First, on liberal power-blindness:

Next, on white vs. "cis":

More on "cis":


On brain sex/gender identity:

On "feeling like a woman":

On AFTAs (anti-feminist trans activists):

And more:

Some new additions-

On transing kids:

On blaming women:

To sum up: