Sunday, March 12, 2017

Your Male Privilege Is Showing

Feminist: Male and female humans are socialized differently. Male socialization results in male privilege.

Transwoman: Untrue! I was bullied as a child for not being masculine! My girlhood was stolen from me!

Feminist: First of all, girls are bullied if they are not feminine enough, and also bullied if they are feminine enough, because femininity is all about subjugation. Female socialization is the process of grooming girls for the subordinate sex class “woman.” Your fantasy that being female would have saved you from being bullied is just that, a fantasy. 

Secondly, being bullied for a lack of masculinity is an experience of boyhood. Male socialization is the process of grooming boys for the dominant sex class “man.” Part of that socialization is the idea that all males are naturally dominant, so there must be something wrong with boys who are not dominant. This is a lie. There is nothing wrong with boys who are not dominant – which is to say, not masculine. It's the bullies who are wrong.

Thirdly, that bullying, as awful as it is, does not erase male privilege. This is illustrated very clearly by the behavior of transwomen who:

1)  Rather than build their own movement, expect women to center them in feminism;
2)  Do not read any feminist texts before mansplaining gender -- in fact redefining the word entirely -- to feminists.
3)  Overwrite the misery of feminine socialization with their own fantasy of easy girlhood;
4)  Demand women give up any language to describe our female biology;
5)  Demand lesbians have sex with a be-penised individual if that individual thinks his penis is female;
6)  Demand women budge over and make room every time men want to exclude a male person from manhood;
7)  Express violently misogynistic sentiments whenever these demands are denied;
8)  And are still treated as the most oppressed people ever by the mainstream Left.

Transwoman: She's a TERF! Go after her job!

~End Scene~

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