Sunday, May 15, 2016

9 out of 10 conversations with Lefty dupes about bathroom bills

LD: Look at this picture of a transitioned, passing transman. You're gonna make this person who totally looks like a dude use the women's room. That's going to frighten women! That's wrong!*
Me: So it's wrong for someone who looks like a dude to use the women's room?
LD: Of course!
Me: Here are photographs of ten transwomen who are obviously male. Some have taken no steps to transition and even still wear beards. Some are convicted criminals. Do they belong in the women's room?

LD: Those aren't really transwomen.
Me: A transwoman is any male who simply claims to "feel like a woman." Here is a chart of gender identity laws and a page full of social media screencaps that back up this definition.
LD: No man is going to fake being trans just to enter the women's room.
LD: Well those aren't real transwomen, they're just men faking it to get into women's restrooms.
Me: You just said that never happens.
LD: Fumes. Look, we can't force transwomen to share bathrooms with men, men are dangerous!
Me: I agree men are dangerous, which is why we need to write gender identity laws that make sure they are not allowed free entry into female spaces.
LD: God, why are you so paranoid about sharing a bathroom with men?
Me: You just said men are dangerous.

~*End scene: It is bigoted to name male violence as the problem.*~

*Nobody is actually checking genitals, which means transpeople who pass aren't effected. Also, someone who has transitioned but doesn't pass can still acquire opposite-sex designation on their official documents. Either way, actual transpeople can continue using their preferred restroom.

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